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Woven Hanging 7

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Approximately 73cm  x 45cm  

Discover the perfect blend of craftsmanship and elegance with these custom-made wooden frames. Each frame is meticulously created by Lee Petherick - a local father and furniture maker based too in Dorset. Lee has been making furniture for many years and I am thrilled to be partnered with him on this journey. Each frame is made from only the finest wood.

My woven wall hangings are full of a variety of luxury fibres. All wall hangings will vary in materials but to name a few; Merino, Handspun yarn, Silk, Velvet, Cotton, wool, Linen, Banana Yarn and so many more. Each weave is completely different and no two are the same. 

I pride myself on using fellow female led businesses to supply my materials, and take great joy knowing that other small businesses benefit from my sales and repeat custom too.

Every woven hanging is handmade by me and nearly all include handspun yarns. I both hand blend and spin each fibre and love seeing the textural element this brings to each wall hanging.

Inside you’re parcel you will find a care guide with all the information needed to care for your woven wall hanging.